Thursday, 2 August 2007

Feb. League Meeting

WIL Moguls Vote Bonus Finish Deal
TACOMA, Feb. 3 — Western International baseball league directors meeting here today adopted a 150-game schedule for the coming season, to open April 18 and closing Sept. 10.
Victoria will open at Spokane, Vancouver at Tri-Cities, Yakima at Wenatchee and Tacoma at Salem, all on April 18. A week later for other inaugural home dates, Spokane will be at Tacoma, Salem at Victoria, Wenatchee at Vancouver and Tri-Cities at Yakima.
The directors voted a bonus arrangement whereby $6,000 will be split among the four leading teams at the end of the season.
The money will be divided so that $2,250 will go to the top team, $1,500 to the second, $1,250 for third and $1,000 for fourth, the money to be split among the players.
The board also voted for repeal of a National Association regulation which requires that member leagues obtain their umpire replacements through the National Association. WIL leaders believe each league should be allowed to choose promising umpire material from amateur and semi-pro ranks in their own territory.
The board welcomed one new member, George Clark, recently named business manager of the Wenatchee club. Joe Brownlow, who has been acting as the Chief's business head, was also present.

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