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Monday, August 28, 1950

              W  L  PCT GB
Tacoma ..... 83 49 .629 —
Yakima ..... 84 51 .622 ½
Tri-City ... 72 61 .541 11½
Wenatchee .. 70 64 .522 14
Victoria ... 59 77 .434 25
Vancouver .. 55 76 .419 26½
Spokane .... 55 77 .417 27
Salem ...... 55 78 .414 27½

VANCOUVER, [Erwin M. Swangard, Province, Aug. 29]—Among the more reasonably happy people in Vancouver Monday night was George Nicholas, the handsome righthander of the Vancouver Capilanos of the Western International Baseball League.
George is actually considered one of the league’s best pitchers yet by scoring a 6-3 victory over the Victoria Athletics Nicholas’ win-defeat count for the season reached an even 15-15.
That, of course, doesn’t look a bit impressive but it actually is when one considers that Nicholas lost nine games by one-run margins. Of the nine three were 1-0. In addition he lost another three games by shutouts.
Or, as Manager Bill Brenner put it when Nick recently lost 1-0 on a three-hitter to Victoria, “When are we going to give Nick some runs?”
Well, Monday night the Caps did give Nicholas a working margin all the way and George went along fairly smoothly. He got into a couple of minor jams but bore down to erase all but two threats. Lou Novikoff homered with one aboard in the fifth and Nicholas got into another in the seventh when Nick lost control temporarily with two out to walk the “Mad Russian” and Gene Thompson, and then yielded a single to Jim Moore.
Meanwhile the Caps managed some potent run-getting of their own. With one away in the first, Ray Tran and Reg Clarkson made first on successive errors to shortstop Bill Dunn. Ray scored on a double steal and Reg came home when burly Jim Keating belted one of Ronnie Smith’s Sunday pitches over the left-field fence.
Caps followed it up with some long distance hitting in the sixth. Charlie Mead homered over the right field fence with one away and just to show that they weren’t playing favorites, Len Tran followed him to the plate and homered over the left field fence. Another insurance run came in the seventh which Jim Robinson opened with his third successive single and scored on Ray Tran’s infield single, a fielder’s choice and Dick Sinovic’s long fly ball to centre field.
Tonight, it’s Victoria again and lanky Sandy Robertson will make his third try for victory No. 13. The two teams meet Wednesday at Cap Stadium and then transfer their struggle to keep out of the league basement to Victoria for the rest of the week.
Caps, of course, are definitely out of the running for any honors. Yet, ironically, they can very well decide the league championship. Tacoma Tigers and Yakima Bears, engaged in a bitter struggle for the title, will play four games each here next week. Caps thus can make or break either.
Victoria ........ 000 020 100—3-13-2
Vancouver ... 300 002 10x—6-11-1
Smith and Ronning; Nicholas and Brenner.

Marriage And a New Job Lure Robinson From Caps
[Vancouver Daily Province, Aug. 29, 1950]
November theme song: “The Bells are Ringing . . . for Jim and His Gal . . .”
Right in tune will be Capilano third-baseman James Robinson and Vancouver’s Miss Dianne Addington. They render a chorus of ‘I Do’s’ shortly and then head blithely for a life of happy-ever-after.
Jim will hie his lovely brunette bride swiftly off to the hinterlands of Washington State—where, at Adna High School, he will take up his new post as teacher of history and English and coach the prep baseball and basketball teams.
The newly-assigned job nets the Cap infielder $3800 per annum, and as the school term runs from May 28 to September, he will be free to play in any pro ball in the summer months. Robinson has a masters degree, and is a native Tacoma.


TACOMA, Aug. 29-Glen (Jeep) Stetter, stocky Spokane outfielder seems destined to become the first Western International league batsman to wear the loop hitting crown twice.
With only two weeks remaining in the season, the Indians outfielder held a 14-point bulge over his nearest competitor, figures released today by the league office here disclosed. Stetter won his first title back in 1946 when he clubbed the ball at a .366 clip for Wenatchee, and this season he is bettering that through games of Sunday, August 27.
Dick Greco, the Tacoma bridegroom, continued in the runnerup slot with .357, one. point off his pace of last week, while Bill McCawley, Yakima outfielder, trailed in third place with .343.
Greco, however, continued his mastery in the two other important divisions of the hit chase. His home run production was upped by on to 31 for the top mark while Gene Thompson, Victoria outfielder, was next with 23.
The big Tacoma right fielder also stretched his lead in the runs batted in department, knocking seven mates across the plate during the week to raise his total of 138 for the season. Jim Warner of the Tri-City was second with 112, while Jim Westlake, Yakima third baseman was third with 111.
Averages of top 20 hitters who have appeared in 85 or more games thrugh Sunday, Aug 27th.
                     AB  H  RBI  Ave
Stetter, Spokane .. 429 159  95 .371
Greco, Tacoma ..... 498 178 138 .357
McCawley, Yakima .. 338 116  67 .343
Rossi, Spokane .... 449 150  99 .334
Thompson, Vic. .... 497 163  99 .328
Clarkson, Van. .... 520 169  69 .325
Warner, Tri-City .. 491 159 112 .324
Vanni, Spokane .... 413 132  58 .320
Quinn, Tacoma ..... 518 163 101 .315
Gifford, Tacoma ... 460 145  64 .315
Hjelmaa, Wen. ..... 475 149  71 .314
Ragni, Wen. ....... 255  80  46 .313
Cheso, Yakima ..... 461 144  93 .312
Cameron, T-C ...... 373 116  74 .311
Zuvella, Yak. ..... 270  84  56 .311
Fracchia, Wen. .... 477 147  83 .308
Mohr, Spokane ..... 401 123  41 .307
Bryant, T-C ....... 483 146  82 .302
Sinovic, Van ...... 398 120  75 .302
A. Spaeter, T-C ... 557 167 400 .300

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