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Monday, July 24, 1950

               W  L  Pct GB
Yakima ...... 59 39 .602 —
Tacoma ...... 55 41 .573 3
Wenatchee ... 57 43 .570 3
Tri-City .... 54 45 .545 4½
Salem ....... 41 53 .436 16
Vancouver ... 42 55 .433 16½
Victoria .... 42 57 .424 17½
Spokane ..... 41 58 .414 18½

VANCOUVER, July 24 (Frank Vaille, AP)—The Canadian jinx claimed another Western International league victim tonight. Wenatchee came up with three double plays and a triple killing but lost to Vancouver 11-6 as Sandy Robertson twirled his 10th successive victory of the year.
The loss dropped Wenatchee into third place behind idle Tacoma.
Robertson, who pitches only when Vancouver plays at home, is now within two games from the league's consecutive win streak set at 12 games by Frank Nelson of Spokane in 1948. The Vancouver ace hasn't lost a game this year.
He had lots of support at the plate. In addition to his own home run, other round-trippers were garnered by Jim Keating and Dick Sinovic. Walt Pocekay wafted one over the fence in the last frame for Wenatchee.
The Chiefs' triple play came in the seventh inning. With Reg Clarkson on second and Sinovic on first, Len Tran grounded to Don Fraachia at third. Sinovic was forced at second, Tran nipped at first and Clarkson, attempting to score, was thrown out at the plate.
Don Ferrarese, the loser, gave up 11 hits 10 walks and made three wild pitches. Vancouver left only three men on the paths.
Wenatchee .... 003 010 002—6-10-2
Vancouver ..... 014 022 02x—11-11-0
Ferrarese and Len Neal; Robertson and Heisner.

VICTORIA, July 24—Victoria Athletics broke an eight-game losing streak and a seventh-place tie with Spokane Monday night when they handed the Indians a 9-6 defeat in the first game of a three-game series.
Jim Propst went the distance for the winners to get credit for his fourth win but was in trouble much of the way. The Indians failed to bunch their 11 hits while the A's made every hit count.
Marty Krug Jr. broke a 6-6 deadlock in the eighth inning cracked a two-run single to right and later scored the third run on Lou Novikoff's single. Novikoff made two hits in five trips in his first game for Victoria after being purchased from Yakima.
Al Ronning led Victoria batters with a triple and two singles in four trips.
For Spokane, Frank Matoh drove in four runs with a home run, double and single while Leon Mohr had three singles in five tries. Glen Stetter drove in two runs with a home run.
Spokane .... 102 001 200—6-11-2
Victoria ...... 014 001 03x—9- 9-1
Aubertin and Rossi; Propst and Ronning.


Spokane Indians Release Infielder
SPOKANE, July 24—The Spokane Indians of the Western International Baseball league gave Skip Rowland, infielder, his outright release Monday.
Rowland left immediately for his home in Riverside, Calif. The Indians had been attempting to send him to the Riverside class C club but the deal fell through, club officials said.
Rowland was the second Indian to be released in two days. Sunday, Murray O'Flynn was given his release.
The Indians are now our man under the limit of 17 active players.

TACOMA, July 25—Tacoma's Dick Greco continued to carry the big stick in the Western International League hit parade, figures released by the league office here Tuesday disclosed.
The big Tiger outfielder now holds leads in three divisions of the league's batting department, hitting, home runs and runs-batted in.
He maintained his steady .363 clip to take over the top spot in the circuit from Spokane's Glen Stetter who skidded from first to fourth place during the week as he checked in with a .353 average through games of Sunday, July 23. Bill McCawley, Yakima outfielder, surged toward the top, moving into the No. 2 spot with .360 which was two points better than Nini Tornay who had .358 for third place.
Greco connected for only one home run during the week to up his total to 21 but he held a four-run bulge over Victoria's Gene Thompson, who was in the runner-up spot with 17. Thompson connected for three circuit clouts over the weekend against the league-leading Yakima Bears to move ahead of Spokane's Joe Rossi who failed to find the range.
Greco also held a commanding lead in the runs-batted-in department with his total of 94 while the best runner-up Gene Thompson could do was 81. Tacoma's Wimpy Quinn trailed in the third slot with 80.
Averages of top 20 hitter who have appeared in 50 or more games through Sunday, July 23.
                    AB  H RBI Ave
Greco, Tac. ...... 366 133 94 .363
McCawley, Yak. ... 203  73 44 .360
Tornay, Yak. ..... 176  63 31 .358
Stetter, Spo. .... 317 112 65 .353
Thompson, Vic. ... 352 124 81 .352
Vanni, Spo. ...... 295 102 37 .346
Sinovic, Van. .... 273  89 50 .326
Rossi, Spo. ...... 332 108 67 .325
Ragni, Wen. ...... 163  53 26 .325
Zuvella, Yak. .... 213  69 33 .324
Cheso, Yak. ...... 353 113 74 .320
Pocekay, Wen. .... 373 119 71 .319
Gifford, Tac. .... 342 107 44 .313
Hjelmaa, Wen. .... 336 105 50 .313
L. Tran, Van. .... 294  91 53 .311
Clarkson, Van. ... 382 117 50 .306
Moore, Vic. ...... 376 115 48 .306
Unfried, Wen. .... 338 103 62 .305
Matoh, Spo. ...... 368 112 58 .304
Bryant, T-C ...... 380 114 70 .300

By DON BECKER, Herald Sports Editor [from July 25/50]
Operators of the concession stands at Sanders Field don't have to look at the scoreboard to tell how a game is going. Their answer comes in the number of customers. If the Braves have a big lead traffic is heavy. If they're behind, or the game is close, business is slower in coming than a cool breeze. And if the teams play a doubleheader with the Braves losing the first one, business is bad then also, But if they win, then it's Nellie-bar-the-gate.
There'll be an old familiar face in the Victoria lineup when the Braves meet them here after their current road trip Lou Novikoff joined the A's yesterday. However, the former major and coast leaguer isn't what he used to be Currently he's hitting .286, and has batted in 29 runs on 36 hits. But that RBI figure is a very respectable one.
Now it's Spokane and Vancouver that have run afoul of the W. L L.'s curfew rule. Spokane has protested the second game of their Saturday night double-header on the grounds that the Vancouver team was at bat after midnight and the game should have been called at ll:59. The umpires working the game-were Jerry Mathieu and Perkins.
According to a check we made with the Braves front office that much of the curfew rule is still in effect. Hence with Vancouver scoring the winning runs after midnight then it would appear that Spokane had a case.
But the odd thing is that while talking to a set of umpires here last week we brought up this subject of the curfew rule. The question we asked was, how long can a game run under present league rules. That is, could it run past midnight. The answer given was to the effect the two teams could play right up to starting time of the following day's game if they needed to.
The point we want to make is this. That what Spokane says could very easily, and probably is, true. Yet, how can the umpires be blamed if they were not informed of this rule. Nearly everyone was under the impression that there was no curfew rule any more. Particularily after that last meeting in Salem several weeks ago. So if the umpires didn't know it then who can the responsibility be placed on.
There's only one other place to turn and that's to the league president and to the club owners themselves. Somewhere along the line someone forgot to tell someone else what was going on. That same situation could have happened here had the circumstances been right. It's going to be an interesting, case to watch.

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