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Thursday, June 22, 1950

              W  L Pct. GB
Tacoma ..... 35 35 .583 —
Yakima ..... 36 27 .565 1
Tri-City ... 35 29 .557 2
Wenatchee .. 34 29 .540 2½
Salem ...... 28 32 .487 7
Victoria ... 29 35 .453 8
Spokane .... 28 37 .431 9½
Vancouver .. 25 35 .417 10

YAKIMA, June 22—With the backing of three sparkling double plays, pitcher Bill Bradford edged Tacoma's Gil Loust, 1-0, Thursday night to give the Yakima Bears a sweep of their three game Western International League series.
Yakima scored the lone and winning run of its tilt in the second inning. Jerry Zuvela singled, Bill McCawley doubled and Nini Tornay was purposely walked. After forcing two batters to pop out, Loust lost his control and walked Pete Coscarart on five pitches to squeeze in the only run
Loust gave up only five hits while Bradford permitted eight. The Bears backed Bradford with three double plays.
It was the Bears' second successive series sweep and the slumping Tigers' eighth consecutive loss, cutting Tacoma's lead to one game over Yakima.
Tacoma ..... 000 000 000—0 8 1
Yakima ..... 010 000 00x—1 5 1
Loust, Carter (8) and Sheets; Bradford and Tornay.

KENNEWICK, June 22—Tri-City Braves scored seven runs in a wild third inning Thursday night to beat Victoria 7 to 3 and clinch the Western International League series, two games to one.
The Braves batted around in the third on five hits, three walks and a Victoria error.
Jim Hedgecock, the Victoria starteer, was the victim of the big outbreak. He walked pitcher Joe Orrell to start the inning and Vic Buccola moved him to third with a double.
Jim Warner's single brought in one run and Buddy Peterson's triple scored two more. Hedgecock then loaded the bases with two walks and an error and Orrell returned to hit a single and score two runs. Al Spaeter's single brought home the sixth and seventh run of the inning.
Orrell didn't allow the Athletics a hit until the sixth and went on to win his sixth bictory of the season. He has lost five.
A's Notes: Infielder Al Washburn has refused to report and has returned home. John Hack has note arrived as the Twin Falls Cowboys now want him to stay and replace Leo Vitous, who is out with a broken leg. Vitous is the second-highest batter in the Pioneer League with a .361 average and leads in hits and total bases.
- - - - -
KENNEWICK, June 23 [Don Becker, Herald] — It was a class B league in name only when Joe Orrell was on the mound last night to win his sixth victory for the Braves. The Bullet's 7-3 win gave the Braves the Victoria series 2-1, and 11 out of the last 12 at Sanders Field.
Tonight Brave manager Charlie Petersen will send his right handed ace, and a league leader, Gene Roenspie (5-0), in the first of a four game series with Spokane. The two teams will play a double-header Saturday night and the final game Sunday.
Orrell displayed all the brilliance that carried him to the major leagues in getting his sixth victory. For four innings he held Victoria hitless with an assortment of pitches that had the A's flaying the air . .and lucky to get a foul tip. Joe Kronberg, Victoria third baseman broke the spell in the fifth when he rifled a single over the infield into left field. But of the six hits that Orrell gave up two of thorn were definitely of the scratch variety, not solid blows.
Joe didn't do badly in the hitting parade either. His single in the third drove in two of the seven runs the Braves scored That one inning was all the Tri City team needed. . and that was all they got.
A magnificent relief pitching role in the name of Warren Noyes was overshadowed by his team's loss and the spell that Orrell had already past on the 750 spectators. After that big five-hit third frame the Braves went hitless off the slants of Noyes, who took over when the fourth opened.
Jim Warner drove in the first Brave run and Buddy Peterson added two more with a long triple Orrell's single added a pair and Al Spaeter finished off the evening by driving in the last one The other counter came across on an error by Jim Moore, Victoria second baseman.
Jim McKeegan did the back stopping when the A's opened with a portsider and slammed a triple his first time up. Warner added two more stolen bases to his record by pilfering two from Noyes in the fourth.
Last night's victory was the second series decision here against the A's. We lost in our first meeting in Victoria. The edge however rides 5-4 in favor of the Tri-City team.
Tonight's game will be the fourth of the season against Spokane. They opened here last week and dropped all three as they hit the skids for an eight straight game loss.
Victoria ..... 000 001 200— 3 6 2
Tri City ..... 007 000 00x— 7 7 2
Hedgecock, Noyes (4) and Ronning; Orrell and McKeegan.

WENATCHEE, June 22—Spokane edged Wenatchee 2 to 1 here Thursday night.
Righthanders John Conant for Spokane and Al Treichel for Wenatchee battled it out, each hurler giving up only seven hits.
Spokane garnered a one run margin in the fourth when two runners crossed the plate as the Chiefs missed a man at first on an attempted double killing. The fast-moving contest took only 1 hour and 5 minutes.
Spokane ..... 000 200 000—2 7 2
Wenatchee ... 000 000 010—1 7 1
Conant and Rossi; Treichel and Spurgeon.

Vancouver at Salem, postponed, rain.


(Includes games of Wednesday, June 11)

 G  AB H RBI HR Ave.
Tornay, Yak. .... 43 140 56 28  1 .400
Stetter, Spo. ... 54 191 67 43  4 .351
Zuvella, Yak. ... 37 109 37 19  1 .340
Greco, Tac. ..... 59 218 74 45  7 .339
Thompson, Vic. .. 62 233 79 43 10 .339
Chorlton, Vic. .. 60 249 83 42  4 .334
Home runs — Rossi, Spokane, 11; Thompson, Victoria, 10; Greco, Tacoma, 7; Warner, Tri-City, 7; Mead, Vancouver, 6.
Runs batted in— Quinn, Tacoma, 60; Westlake, Yakima, 57; Warner, Tri-City, 48; Bryant, Tri-City, 47; Rossi, Spokane, 46.
Pitching — Roenspie, Tri-City, 5-0; Robertson, Vancouver, 5-0; Marshall, Victoria, 8-1; Kerrigan, Tacoma, 10-3; Ragni, Wenatchee, 9-3.

By DON BECKER, Herald Sports Editor
[from column of June 23/50]

This is the 'ruby' year for Marty Krug. It was 40 years ago when the bandy-legged Victoria pilot first entered the scene of the national pastime, and from all appearances the little man with the deep burr rasping voice is going to be around for his 'diamond' celebration.
It was 1910 when Marty broke into a regular lineup and two years later he was playing for the Boston Red Sox when they won the A.L. pennant with a .691 average, one of the top figures for a winner in the junior circuit. He was back to AAA ball the following year and age only improved his performance for in 1922 he bounced back again, this time with the Chicago Cubs of the National league. But the legs and eyes that were good enough to hold him in the triple AAA class could not stand the major league pace.
Rather than return to the player status Matty accepted the managership of the Los Angeles team in the Coast league. He held down the pilot's wheel there 1923-1929. Following the '29 season he took to beating the bushes for ivory. And the eyes that weren't fast enough to hit those 'quick' hurlers, were still good enough to dig out some major league loot.
“I'd say Freddie Hutchinson now pitching with Detroit was one of my better finds,” said Marty in a reminiscent mood. “But you see so many new players each year when you're scouting and you file so many reports, it's hard to keep track of all them.” However, Marty did recall that he 'found' George Vico, who's minding first base for Seattle. Although he played in both major league all his scouting was done for two American clubs the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees.
The year 1949 rounded out 39 years of baseball in triple A and the majors. Matty still isn't too sure how he feels about the Willy league. But he does feel confident that it's going to be a tight face “Your club and Wenatchee are the ones to beat,” he said squinting out at the Braves as they were taking their infield practice. “What about that club of yours? You put away quite a few in a row?” we suggested. “Oh,” he smiled, “we'll be around too when they pass out that money for the top division clubs.”
K Chorlton, Royal Brougham's boy by proxy, is absent as you've probably noticed from the Victoria lineup, and its a good teason for Chorlton. He was called up by Seattle as insurance for their wobbly and crippled outfield. Of coutse if K should break into the lineup and beat the cover off the ball, he probably won't be back. But don't bet on it . .that's strictly Horatio Alger style and that went out with the farm system. That's his first name, by the way, K.
Shortly the league baseball season opened, Bob Abel, president, said that WIL umpires would take the cue from the Coast league boys in blue when it came to calling the balks. Some weeks ago it was reported by L. H Gregory that the Coast arbiters were easing up on calling this tule Well, it's no secret now that the Willy umps must have gotten the 'word'. For further proof the one called on Alton Wilkie Wednesday night was the first (ailed on a visiting pitcher since Mel Knezovich of Tacoma heard the hateful word May 25. And it was only the second altogether since that date. Gene Roenspie had the other one called on him.
So Edo Vanni is now back with Spokane. The Indians can use him in their outfield which needed help. With Victoria selling him to Spokane it must nave seemed like old home week to Edo He was with the club in 1948. . .last year with Yakima.
Undet the terms of the contracts which Vanni insists on it's impossible for him to play with the same team two years running. Of coutse he could be sold to Yakima. . .but don't ever look for it.

Umpire Fined $25—Talked Out of Turn
SAN FRANCISCO, June 22—A fine for popping off at a baseball game was slapped yesterday on—guess who—an umpire.
Umpire John Yellovic was fined $25 by California Baseball League president Jerry Donovan for “popping off and talking out a turn” to the players in the Modesto-Fresno game at Fresno last Sunday.
It was the first such fine against an umpire levied this season in the California League.

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