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Thursday, June 15, 1950

Tacoma ..... 35 18 .680 —
Wenatchee .. 32 25 .561 5
Yakima ..... 28 27 .509 8
Tri-City ... 29 29 .500 8½
Salem ...... 27 28 .491 9
Spokane .... 26 31 .456 11
Victoria ... 25 33 .431 12½
Vancouver .. 22 33 .400 14

TACOMA, June 15—Tacoma whipped the Yakima Bears 4-2 Thursday night but saw its Western International league lead dwindle to five games, as Wenatchee won a pair in Vancouver.
Gil Loust, Tacoma righthander, gave Yakima seven hits and eight walks but escaped virtually unscathed behind his teammates' four double plays. One of the Yakima blows was a home run by Jerry Zuvella.
The Tigers got only six hits but hunched three with a walk for a trio of tallies in the third.
Tacoma won the odd game of the three-game series with the Bears.
Yakima ....... 000 001 010—2-7-0
Tacoma ...... 003 001 00x— 4-6-0
Larner and Tiesiera; Loust and Fischer.

KENNEWICK, June 16 [Don Becker, Herald] — The sure path to success on the Tri-City Braves pitching staff is through the relief route. Big Jim Olsen proved that conclusively again last night when he came on in the eighth with the score tied 3-3 and then added his second victory in as many nights when the Braves went ahead to win in the last of the ninth, 5-4. The victory gave the Tri-City team a clean sweep of the Spokane series and was their ninth consecutive victory in their home park, Sanders Field. The win moved them into the first division.
Olsen's feat of winning two games in two nights, while a near perfect performance, still doesn't equal that of Dick Stone, who vaulted into a starting role after winning a pair in one night.
Mike Budnick, big right handed pitcher, who had been pitching for the Braves on option from Seattle, was returned to the Pacific Coast league team yesterday. Dick Richards, general manager of the club added that Bob Felizzatto, young portsider, had been recalled from Pittsburgh of the Far West league. Felizzatto is expected to join the Braves Saturday in Tacoma. One of the largest crowds of the season, 2524, attended the game, and saw the Braves win their second in a row because of a wild throw on the part of a Spokane player.
If there was a hero in last night's game, there was also a goat. To Leon Mohr, Spokane third sacker, goes the latter dubious distinction. It was his wild peg into right field on an attempted rundown of Al Spaeter that sent the Brave second baseman across with the winning run in the last of the ninth.
Both clubs enjoyed big innings. The Braves had theirs early in the game when they counted four times in the third. Dick Stone opened with a single and Spaeter moved him to second when he walled. Buccola's double scored Stone and Jim Warner's single added two more. Then with two out Nick Pesut rapped a double to score Warner.
Spokane counted three in the eighth as pinch-hitter John Conant singled with one away. Stone walked Bushong and that was all for the Brave starter. However, reliefer Gene Roenspie couldn't find the plate and issued three free passes before he was dericked by manager Charlie Peterson. Frank Matoh lined a single off Olsen to score the third run and Olsen forced the next two batters to fly out.
Joe Rossi, the current home run king of the Willy loop, bagged another to send his season's total to ten. Rossi dropped one over the left center field wall in the seventh but found the bases empty.
Spokane ......... 000 000 130—4-6-5
Tri-City .......... 004 000 001—5-8-1
Rockey, Kohout (8) and Rossi; Stone, Roenspie (8), Olsen (8) and Pesut.

VICTORIA B.C., June 15 — Victoria Athletics edged Salem Senators 3-2 Thursday night in a spine-tingling game in which John Tierney, Salem ace, lost his third game in 14
The A's starting battery—pitcher John Marshall and catcher Al Ronning—got the thumb in the third inning for arguing over ball and strike decisions by umpire Gordie Perkings.
The trouble started when Marshall appeared to have curved a third strike past Gene Gaviglio, leading off the inning. Even Gaviglio was sure he was struck out and started back to the dugout. However, Perkins, who had called a couple of other dubious ones against Marshall, ruled the pitch a ball. Wayne Peterson then drew a walk and scored the tying run when Marty Krug Jr. played Dick Bartle’s single into a triple.
With Mel Wasley batting, Perkins called another apparent strike a ball and threw Ronning out of the game as soon as the Victoria catcher started to protest. Marshall started in from the mound with no obvious ill intentions and before he was close to the argument, Perkins yelled “You’re dead, too,” and stuck by his amazing decision.
This left the A’s without their starting battery and the game was held up while Catcher Bill Weatherwax and Smith warmed up.
But the toss made no difference. Ron Smith relieved Marshall and left Bartle stranded on third by getting Wasley on a short fly to K Chorlton and Bob Cherry on a ground ball to Don Alfano.
Smith gave up only three hits, one of them an easy out that fell for a double when Gene Thompson lost a ball in the lights. The only run off him, which tied the game at 2-2 in the eighth, was the result of a passed ball by Weatherwax.
Smith earned the decision when Chorlton and raced out a line triple and Joe Kronberg smashed a double to the fence in left centre in the ninth.
The loss was John Tierney's third in 14 decisions and dropped the Oregonians into the second division in fifth place behind Tri-City.
Salem ....... 001 000 010—2 5 1
Victoria .... 100 010 011—3 7 2
Tierney and Beard; Marshall, Smith (3) and Ronning, Weatherwax (3).

VANCOUVER, June 15—The runner-up Wenatchee Chiefs slapped down the Vancouver Capilanos twice on Thursday night, 3-1 and 14-9.
Wenatchee's outfielder turned pitcher, Jay Ragni, gave Vancouver only three hits in the seven-inning opener.
The nightcap, called after eight innings because of the midnight curfew, was a slugfest in which the winning Chiefs clubbed five Vancouver hurlers for 16 hits.
Wenatchee .... 001 001 1—3-7-0
Vancouver .... 100 000 0—1 3 2
Ragni and Len Neal, Pocekay (7); Brunner, King (6) and Brenner.
Wenatchee ..... 212 102 05—14-16-2
Vancouver ..... 011 013 03— 9-8-3
Ferrarese, Blankenship (6) and Pocekay; Snyder, Tuschoof (3), Gunnerson (6), Owen (7), Costello (8) and Brenner, Heisner (7).


(By the Associated Press)
(Includes games of Wednesday, June 14)

Tornay, Yak. .... 41 137 51 27 1 .372
Greco, Tac. ..... 52 191 69 41 6 .361
Stetter, Tac. ... 48 172 62 42 4 .360
Thompson, Vic. .. 56 208 71 36 7 .341
Hjelmaa, Wen. ... 47 170 57 31 0 .335
Chorlton, Vic. .. 57 128 77 42 4 .324

Home runs—Rossi (Spokane) 9, G. Thompson (Victoria) 7, Greco (Tacoma) 6, Warner (Tri-City), Mead (Vancouver), 5 each.
Runs batted in—Quinn (Tacoma) 58, Westlake (Yakima) 48, Stetter (Tacoma) 42, Chorlton (Victoria) 42, Warner (Tri-City) 42. Pocekay (Wenatchee) 41, Bryant (Tri-City) 41, Greco (Tacoma) 41.
Pitching — Kerrigan (Tacoma) 10-1, Marshall (Victoria) 7-1, Tierney, (Salem) 11-2.

by DON BECKER, Herald Sports Editor
[from column of June 16/50]

When the Spokane Indians climbed into their chartered bus to head for Yakima today they were lucky if the check they picked up for their three-day stand here covered their expenses. It takes a lot of that long green to pay the expenses of a baseball club while on the road now. Players salaries, chartered buses, hotel expenses, and meal money for everyone daily takes quite a bundle.
Today there are four independent clubs in the Willy league. Of these only two figure to make any money at the rate things are going now. These of course are Victoria and Wenatchee. But Spokane and Tri-City will be lucky to pay off the last bill when the season closes. The other four can always get their books balanced by the parent club. All they have to do is buy a player from their farm and put the cash from one till into another without leaving the room, Not so the independent though.
If they can't hack it at the gate, then they've got to try and peddle a player or two, and you see quickly enough where that leads. . .right down the path to oblivion. There's a way to prevent this from happening, plenty of attendance.
You can add this to the weird list of things that go on in the press box at Sanders Field. The other series or so ago Ken Buda, the p.a. announcer, leaned confidentially over the mike and said, “And now ladies and gentlemen, our National Anthem.” But what came out was, “Hi buddy, let's go out to the ball game”. . .Sanders Field, by the way, is one of the parks that still plays the National Anthem before the games. Most parks have discontinued the practice. . .at least until the next war starts.

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