Saturday, 4 August 2007

Finally! A Schedule

Wl Loop Sets 1950 Schedule
TACOMA, Feb. 28—A 151-game schedule 1950 Western Internatlonal League baseball schedule was announced today by Robert Abel, league president.
The season opens April 18 with Victoria at Spokane, Yakima at Wenatchee, Vancouver at Tri-City, and Tacoma at Salem.
The regular season ends Sept. 10.
With few exceptions each team will play a week at home and a week away.
The eight league contestants will open training about April 1.
Some WIL players will undergo additional training with parent teams in the pacific Coast League.
April's schedule:
Spokane at Tacoma— Apr 25-36-37
Spokane at Yakima— Apr 28-29-30-30
Wenatchee at Vancouver— Apr 25-26
Wenatchee at Victoria— Apr 27-28-29-29
Tri-City at Yakima— Apr. 25-26-27
Tri-City at Tacoma— Apr 28-29-30-30
Salem at Victoria— Apr 25-26
Salem at Vancouver— Apr. 27-28-29-29
Tacoma at Salem— Apr 18-19-20
Tacoma at Tri-City— Apr 21-22-23-23
Yakima at Wenatchee— Apr. 18-19,20
Yakima at Spokane— Apr. 21-22-23-23
Victoria at Spokane— Apr. l8-l9-20
Victoria at Wenatchee— Apr. 21-22-23-23
Vancouver at Tri-City— April 18-19-20
Vancouver at Salem— Apr. 21-23-23-23

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