Monday, 3 September 2007

New Stadium For Vancouver Closer

Vancouver Capilanos Plan Miniature 'Sick's Stadium'
WENATCHEE, Nov. 2—Western International baseball league directors looked wide-eyed here Thursday at plans for the new ball park of the Vancouver Capilanos.
Spritely Bob Brown, the Caps general manager who built the present Vancouver ball yard 38 years ago, spread the plans before the directors and proudly read off the facts and figures.
“It's a miniature copy of Sick's Seattle stadium,” he said gleefully. There's a seat with a back for each of the 7,500 fans the park will hold.
“The ball park will be ready for play next spring as concrete is being poured for the grandstand now.”
W.I.L. directors chuckled that the Vancouver park will “start a revolution” in the league.
“How deep are the carpets in the general managers office, Bob?” asked Roy Hotchkiss of the Spokane Indians, with a smile.
Ruby Robert proudly announced “It's just like Earl Sheely's office in Seattle.
“Four showers for the visiting teams too,” he reminded the other league directors, “and a press room and a ticket office right on the ground floor.”
Brown said the leftfield wall also is movable so that, in the fall, a football field may be accommodated in front of the leftfield grandstand and bleachers.
“It's a wonderful site,” he said. “Sixteen acres right across from a city park with parking accommodations for 1,400 automobiles.”
The new ball park is in the “Little Mountain” section of Vancouver, 20 blocks from the city center, Brown said.
The playing field, he explained, will be 335 feet down each foul and 410 feet to dead center-field.
WILFan note: This picture was found on the net and I have no idea of the original source. The picture is not from the WIL days; it's from 1956. In 1951, there was no roof and the press box was at the top of the grandstand.

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