Saturday, 8 September 2007

Never on Sunday for Capilanos

Vancouver Voters Turn Down Bid For Open Sunday
VANCOUVER, Dec. 14 — Sundays with hockey, baseball, movies, horse racing and open-doored taverns got thumbs down from Vancouver voters in a plebiscite Wednesday—by a majority of nearly 10,000 votes.
The scrap over commercialized Sunday sports completely overshadowed the mayoralty election in which sportsman - Fred Hume ousted Charles Thompson, chief executive for the last two years.
With results of the 31 polls complete Mr. Hume, co-owner of New Westminster Royals of the Pacific Coast Hockey league, had received 33,161 votes, 11,636 more than Mr. Thompson, wealthy motor dealer. Mr. Thompson had 21.425.
Complete returns showed 34,571 had voted against wide-open Sundays while 25,051 were in favor.
WILFan note: the first Sunday baseball game in Vancouver wouldn't be until 1957. As for having a beer at a baseball game, add another two decades-plus to that number.

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