Saturday, 8 September 2007

More Transactions

Tacoma is loading their roster with Mexican players. There are probably two reasons for this. One is that if the military draft should dig deep into the nation's youth they would still be able to field a team. The Mexicans of course not being subject to the draft unless their nation gets dragged into the conflict.
Another reason is that indirectly San Diego, through their Tacoma farm, are bidding for a slice of the Mexican business. With a lot of Mexican nationals living in the San Diego vicinity a couple of players would help a lot to lure these people into the park. And if the players can make fhe grade at Tacoma no doubt they'll move right up to their parent organization.
Reno Cheso, former Yakima third baseman who figured in a sale from San Francisco to Seattle, has now been shipped to Vancouver. That puts him right back in the Western International league from where he started. However, Seattle is going to try and make a catcher out of Cheso. They said he was too slow to make a good hot sacker.
- Tri-City Herald, Dec. 13, 1950
WILFan note: The Herald reported in its Jan. 17, 1951 edition that Cheso had been drafted by the U.S. military.

Jim Warner may hit some round trippers over the fence next year that a lot of Tri-City Braves fans won't like. For it could easily be that some of those four masters will be beating the Braves. Warner has worked out a deal with Dick Richards, general manager of the team, whereby he is permitted to try and sell himself to any other club in the league . . . or anywhere else for that matter.
But Warner likes the Northwest and if he can work it out will engineer the deal with some other team in the Western International league.
Should the WIL home run king be able to sell himself at the price he is asking he will pick up a part of the sale price. That was part, of the agreement entered into between he and Richards. There are a lot of factors lying behind this Some of them are personal reasons, that much is for sure. Warner of course would like to swing the deal because as head of a growing family the money would be more than welcome, particularly in these days of continually rising prices.
In some respects this is a departure from the usual system. It's not unordinary for a player to be permitted to try and sell himself, but usually in those cases he is given his release or told that he will be released before the season starts. It could be that this is a new precedent in baseball because never before to our knowledge has a baseball player been given permission to go out and seek a better contract than what the owning club is willing to offer. However, that's precisely the situation between Warner and the Tri-City Braves.
- Tri-City Herald, Dec. 15, 1950

Victoria Infielder Sold To Salem
VICTORIA, B.C., Dec. 26 — Infielder Jack Hack of the Victoria Athletics in the Western International Baseball League has been sold to the Salem Senators.
The sale price for Hack was not disclosed. He wound up last season with a .296 batting average.
The Salom club is also reported angling for southpaw pitcher Aldon Wilkie and shortstop Bill Dunn from Victoria.

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